A table is a rectangular array of cells that contain annotation, primarily text but also multiple blocks.

  • Create and Modify Tables

    A table is an object that contains data in rows and columns. A table object can be created from an empty table or table style. A table can also be linked to data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

  • Link a Table to External Data

    A table can be linked to data in a Microsoft Excel (XLS, .XLSX, or CSV) file. You can link to an entire spreadsheet, individual row, column, cell, or cell range in Excel.

  • Work with Table Styles

    The appearance of the table is controlled by its table style. You can use the default table style, STANDARD, or create your own table styles.

  • Add Text and Blocks to Tables

    Table cell data can include text and multiple blocks.

  • Use Formulas in Table Cells

    Table cells can contain formulas that do calculations using the values in other table cells.