Storefront and Curtainwall Frame Builder

adiFrames is the Automatic 2D Storefront and Curtainwall Frame generation add-on for AutoCAD.

adiFrames gives AutoCAD the ability to automatically create precise 2D Storefront and Curtainwall frames in preparation of Glass and Glazing Shop Drawings with no training required.

Complete Control

Layers, Dimension Locations and Text Over-Rides are provided for the pickiest of drafters who want the ultimate control of their layers, dimension styles and text label dimension over-rides.

Custom Frames

All frames are not created equal. Switch to manual mode and click center points in model space to create any size opening horizontally and vertically.

Glass Tags & Lists

Once the frame is created, use the included glass tool to automatically create glass labels and glass lists with user controlled bite sizes. Your glass is now ready to order, no more manual calculations or mistakes in your glass lists. Save time and money!

Sections & Details

adiFrames has you ready for the next step, detailing. Our detail sets are the perfect beginning to any detail job. All Details have been corrected from the manufacturer with perfect polylines, correct layers, annotative dimensions and part labeling leaders. All details sets can be modified to satisfy your style and company requirements. Dimension and leader styles are update-able with the AutoCAD update command. Once saved, your part is your style, every time. Included at the time of purchase are three (3) details sets of your choice. Detail sets can also be user created or requested and added individually.

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User Frame Parameters Dialog Box
User Frame Parameters Dialog Box
User Glass Parameters Dialog Box
User Glass Parameters Dialog Box
Glass Tag and Glass List Generator
Glass Tag and Glass List Generator
Sample Output
Sample Output
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AutoCAD 2012
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Nov 25,2011
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