CAD COGO was the first fully integrated COGO software for AutoCAD®. It was first released in 1986 and sold several thousand copies worldwide. We have brought it back and updated it to work in the latest versions of AutoCAD. The primary use for CAD COGO is for the entering of surveyors field data and the subsequent use of these drawings for plat drawings, future site design, layout and more. It will produce your drawings without the end user having to physically draw them. By keying in the essential field or design data, the expert system procedures will control the coordinate point placement, automatically annotate the traverse legs and always displays the current occupied point with a transit symbol which is drawn directly to the screen for visual reference by the end user.

Features such as the point number manager that, for instance, warns you when you are attempting to set a point that has already been set. Annotation control prompts you if the annotation will not fit properly on the entity that is being processed to produce a presentable drawing. This enhances the ability of the end user to create a final drawing the first try without having to edit the drawing at a later time in order to correct improper annotation of a line or curve. CAD COGO produces a radial stakeout report from just selecting the coordinate points that have been set. In addition, all of the commands and options are command line based so you can create simple or complex scripts to batch process or auto-generate drawings.

If you are looking for a solid COGO program to create complete survery, plat or subdivision layout drawings quickly and easily for very low cost, then CAD COGO is for you.

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Plat drawing created in 5 minutes!
Plat drawing created in 5 minutes!
Sample radial stakeout report.
Sample radial stakeout report.
Sample legal description report.
Sample legal description report.
Sample stakeout drawing detail.
Sample stakeout drawing detail.
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Nov 23,2011
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