MapWorks is Civil/Survey and Mapping software for AutoCAD and Civil3D. It covers the major areas of design, points, sections, surfaces, and more. While it's primarily designed for basic AutoCAD (or verticals like ADT/MAP), when the application is running inside Civil3D it detects and uses it's points, parcels, and surfaces directly!

Tag Info: Assigns/edits alignment tag information such as name, beginning station.
Block Place: Places user blocks at station/offset positions with ability to populate attribute from source data.
Alignment Report: Generates a detailed report with alignment information with option to include ROW points with calculated station/offset and description.
Alignment Label Offsets: Label station/offsets values of individual points or a selection set of linear objects. Labels are linked to the alignment so they can be updated if moved or copied.
Point Import: Import points from text files containg station/offset information.
Sample Figures: Scans left/right at specified stations for intersection of relative figures.
Station Offset: Labels Alignments with station marks and other relevant information.

Calculator: Dialog based tool to calculate all curve parameters based on two known values.
Generate Complement: Generates the complement for a selected arc.
Radial Fit: Generates a fit arc or circles through multiple points. Toggle or control weights with interactive feedback of the curve results.
Direction, Radius, Length: Generates an arc object based on designated direction with a known radius and arc length.
Point, Point, Point: Draws an arc object though three picked points in any direction.
Point, Tangent, Tangent: Draws an arc through a point with two selected tangent segments.
Radius, Direction, Direction: Generates an arc object based on known Radius, Direction In/Out.
Radius, Point, Point: Generates an arc object from known endpoints and radius.
Draw Tangent: Draws a tangent arc from the endpoint of a selected line/polyline segment.

Coordinate Point: Labels coordinates at picked points with user customizable block. Values update on regen if moved/copied, etc.
Curve One Pick: Label a curve at picked point on arc/polyarc segments.
Curve Three Points: Label curve data based on any three picked points.
Dir/Dist One Pick: Labels direction & distance with one pick on linear segment.
Dir/Dist Two Points: Labels direction & distance with two endpoint picks.
Linear Objects: Labels direction/distance, curve parameters and area on a selection set.
Polyline Parameters: Labels area/perimeter data on a selection set of closed polylines.

Best Fit: Creates a best fit line (using Linear Regression) through multiple points.
Direction/Distance: Edit the direction and distance of a line while holding the begin or end points.
Draw Tangent: Draws a tangent line from the endpoint of a selected arc/polyarc segment.

Reader: Read/Parse Legal Descriptions from clipboard or external files. Detects most curves and includes a built in curve calculator.
Writer: Creates highly customizable Legal Descriptions directly from parcels or AutoCAD geometry. Contains a fully featured word processor, or you can export the description to Microsoft Word in a single click.
Defaults: Set default values for legal descriptions.
Manager: Create and manage Parcels from AutoCAD geometry..
Report: Generates detailed parcel reports with user controlled columns.

Auto Draw: Automatically connects field points with 2D or 3D linework and symbols. Generates 2DPoly, 2DPolyFit, 3DPoly, Splines as controlled by the user for each code.
Add By Traverse: Allows typed entry of raw traverse data and importing from multiple formats. User configurable editor allows quick and easy entry of traverses in angle right, azimuth, deflection, bearing & distance and more. Define loops and calculate closure. Plots resulting points and optional traverse and sideshot lines. Imports raw data files in many established formats.
Add Difference: Calculates & places points with calculated elevation difference between point and a surface.
Add Interpolated: Creates all qualifying points on line using two points, beginning elevation and increment.
Add Grid: Add multiple points evenly spaced on a rectangular grid.
Add Intersections: Add multiple points at the intersections of linear geometry.
Add On Line: Add multiple points (with interpolated elevation) between two points.
Add On Objects: Add multiple points on the vertices of AutoCAD objects.
Add Offsets: Add multiple points that are offsets of a line defined by two points.
Add On Slope: Adds a point at a picked location with elevation calculated at designated slope.
Add Radial: Add multiple points at a specified distance around a point.
Add Single: Add single points based on known or picked coordinates.
Convert Blocks: Converts blocks in the current drawing to application points.
Convert Text: Converts text objects with optional adjacent geometry to application points.
Edit Average: Averages selected points with analysis allowing creation of average point.
Edit Clusters: Analyzes multiple clusters of points and removes all but one point in each cluster.
Edit Duplicates: Deletes duplicates points based on same or close coordinates.
Edit Match: Performs a rotation, scale and translate based on two pairs of points.
Edit Organize: Organize points into layers and/or groups while optionally assigning styles.
Edit Rotate: Rotates points with rotation angle optionally calculated from reference and target points.
Edit Scale: Scale selected points allowing independent XYZ scale factors.
Edit Line Snap: Moves points perpendicular to designated linear segments, snapping the point to the line.
Edit Geometry Snap: Snaps points to nearby geometry with XYZ acquire options.
Edit Spreadsheet: Allows numerous changes to point data in a spreadsheet grid.
Edit Translate: Translates selected points with (optionally calculated) delta xyz values.
File Combine: Combines multiple point files into a single target file.
File Compare: Compares two point files with detailed comparison report.
File Convert: Converts multiple point files to a designated target format.
File Export: Exports designated points to supported file formats.
File Import: Imports points from multiple point databases into the current drawing.
File Text: Converts a single text file (space, comma, tab delimited) to defined format.
File View: Quickly view point files with details as file is clicked.
Inquiry Compare: Detailed comparison of designated points to those within search radius.
Inquiry Inverse: Inverses between points with distance, delta and slope details.
Inquiry Report: Generates detailed point reports with user controlled columns.
Inquiry Status: Returns information about the status of points (such as next number) in the current drawing.

Profile From 3dPolyline: Creates a profile view from a single selected 3dPolyline. No surfaces required, simply pick the 3dPoly and insertion point for the profile view. If a profile view of the selected object already exists, it will be update on subsequent processing.
Profile Intersect Objects: Creates a profile view from a path and object intersection points. Path can be defined by picked points or a selected linear object.
Profile Sample Surfaces: Creates a profile view from one (or more) sampled surfaces. Simply designate a path and select any number of surfaces.
Profile Label Slopes: Annotate grade, slope, or ratio of selected profile slopes by simply picking on the segment in profile view.

Section Connect Points: Form sections in the model by automatically connecting points crossing alignments. Quick connect of field points when sections are shot in the field, has tolerance fields for cases where the points deflect from exact right angles.
Section Intersect Objects: Form sections in the model by intersecting objects left/right of the alignment. Create sections directly from contour polylines.
Section Sample Surfaces: Form sections in the model by sampling a predefined surface at specified increments, including randomly specified stations. Increments can be automatically built by station/interval or to match another series.
Section Generate Views: Generates (or updates) section view blocks from section polylines in the model. The block approach has numerous advantages over a loose collection of drawing objects in model space.
Section Quick Review: Quickly review generated sections with options for export to drawing, export image, copy to clipboard, etc.
Section Insert Multiple: Insert multiple sections into the drawing with options. Create vertical stacks or sheet arrays ready for plotting.

Contour Generator: Create contours from drawing objects, triangulation or grid files with options. The resulting geometry can be polylines or splines placed into separate designated major/minor layers. Optionally label contours automatically with linetypes that don't break the contour.
Drape Objects: Drapes a selection set of objects onto a surface.
Export Solids: Adds a flat base at user specified elevation and a skirt to create a solid (or export as STL files).
Lidar Tiles: Quickly draw and label the 3D bounding box of a selection of binary Lidar LAS files.
Export Points: Export unique xyz points of a select selection set of objects to a CSV file.
File Convert: Reads a grid, tin, or csv points file and converts to any supported format.
File Review: Review surface files showing specifications of files with zoom, show, label options.
Grade Polyline: Generates a 3DPoly at a designed grade on a surface. After picking the initial point it shows possible directions (there is usually two) and prompt for the starting direction. When the looking forward grade cannot be determined it prompts for direction which allows for switchbacks on steep slopes.
Grid Create: Creates a grid file from drawing geometry or existing TIN file..
Grid Edit: Allows opening, single or mass edits in our spreadsheet, and saving of a grid surface.
Grid Reconstruct: Recreate a grid file from ortho drawing geometry such as points, lines, or 3dfaces.
Manager Dialog: A collection of tools to manipulate project surfaces. Allows for statistics, exporting of Tins, Grids, and Points, etc.
Mass Points Processor: Import (or convert) multiple Lidar or Mass Point files with data reducing constraints.
Plot Files: Draws a grid or triangulation surface as Points, 3DLines, 3DFaces, or a 3DPolymesh with many options including limit boundaries, borders, elevation ranges, etc.
Spot Annotation: Draws spot elevations, slope arrows, etc. Includes the ability to use separate colors for positive/negative values on difference grids.
Tag Breaklines: Tag linear geometry as breaklines or manage previously assigned designations.
TIN Make: Creates a triangulated irregular network file from drawing geometry.
Volume Calculate: Calculate grid based volumes from AutoCAD layers with printable report.

Defaults: Sets defaults and styles for parking layout options.
Double No Edge Lines: Generates double/mirror parking stalls without edge lines.
Double With Edge Lines: Generates double/mirror parking stalls with edge lines.
Single No Edge Lines: Generates single parking stalls without edge lines.
Single With Edge Lines: Generates single parking stalls with edge lines.

Polyline Change Origin: Changes the origin of a selected polyline.
Polyline Closing Check: Evaluates and fixes incorrect closing on a selection set of polylines.
Polyline Connect Auto: Automatically connect points and blocks to form a new polyline.
Polyline Convert Nodes: Converts 2D/LW polylines to 3DPolys using adjacent nodes with optional transition.
Polyline Detail Report: Displays coordinates, direction/distance and curve details with summary information.
Polyline Grade Report: Creates a detailed grade report from a selected 3DPolyline.
Polyline Mark Centroids: Place a temporary marker at the centroid of a selection set of polylines.
Polyline Mark Origin: Place a temporary origin and direction marker on a selection set of polylines.
Polyline Mark Vertices: Place a temporary marker on a all vertices of a selection set of polylines.
Polyline Offset 3dPoly: Offsets a 3dPolyline by a specified horz/vert distance.
Polyline Proportional Slant: Adjusts elevations of 3Dpoly proportional to assigned endpoint elevations.
Polyline Remove Arcs: Convert arcs to multi-chord approximations in a selections set.
Polyline Set Clockwise: Set the direction of a selection set of polylines to Clockwise or Counterclockwise.
Polyline Tag Edit: Edit 3DPoly vertices by changing text tags.
Polyline Vertex Delete: Deletes a polyline vertex by picking near it.
Polyline Vertex Densify: Densify LW/2D/3D polylines by specifying distance.
Polyline Vertex Edit: Dialog edit the coordinates and elevation of a polyline vertex.
Polyline Vertex Insert: Inserts a polyline vertex by picking point and insertion segment.
Polyline Vertex Weed: Weed (remove) unnecessary vertices in a selection set of polylines.

Other Commands
Symbol Manager: Displays the Symbol Manager for managing and placing symbols. Includes a large collection of symbols in the areas of arrows, points, road plan, shapes, trees, utility, and vehicles.
XData Draw: Draw geometry (hatches, mtext) based on values in extended data.
XData Edit: Edits the MapWorks extended entity data on a single object.
XData Manager: Allows xdata management and analysis operations across a selection set of objects.
Image Insert World: Inserts multiple images based on world files.
Image World Files: Makes world files from selected images in the drawing.
Image World KeyDwgs: Makes a new DWG for each image file selected with the image referenced in the drawing.
Linetype Manager: Creates symbolic and text linetypes in the current drawing.
Map File Export: Exports geometry inside the current drawing to various output formats.
Map File Import: Import multiple mapping files in various file formats.
Update Linked Objects: Updates a selection set of linked objects.

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Point Auto Draw Example
Point Auto Draw Example
Curve Calculator
Curve Calculator
Grade Polyline Example
Grade Polyline Example
Legal Description Writer
Legal Description Writer
Spot Annotation Example
Spot Annotation Example
Multiple Surface Profile
Multiple Surface Profile
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