Tube + Rod

Creates tube and rod break, chamfer and fillet ends on an existing tube or rod. With selecting of two points on the diameter of a tube or rod or selecting a line for a chamfer or fillet end.

Getting Started

To launch the plug-in, use the following command(s)

Draws a single or double tube end
Draws a single or double rod end
Draws a chamfered rod end
Draws a filleted rod end


Select the option in the ribbon, tab 'Construct', panel 'Tube + Rod'. Select two points or a line, and give a thickness of the tube, when asked for.


Rod End draws a single or double rod end

Rod End2 draws a chamfered rod end

Rod End3 draws a filleted rod end

Installation and Uninstallation

If installed as an App via the AutoCAD Exchange store the main application and customization files are loaded and are ready to be used within AutoCAD.
If not installed via the AutoCAD Exchange store:
1. Create a directory for this kind of applications (if not all ready).
2. Copy all files to the directory.
3. Add this directory to the AutoCAD support file search path (if not all ready).
4. Load the customization file Tuberod.cuix as a partial customization file.

Additional Information

- Only the real tube and rod end entities are drawn: the lines of the tube and rods in the pictures above are shown as an example.
- Layers of the entities drawn by the application are according to the default layers of all applications from Upwards CAD applicaties.
- See the document Tuberod.pdf for more information.
- See the drawing Tuberod.dwg for examples of the results of the applications.

Known Issues



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Support Information

Call +31 (0)26 - 3818531

Version History

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