Create Multiple-View Drawing Layouts (Paper Space)

Paper space is a sheet layout environment where you can specify the size of your sheet, add a title block, display multiple views of your model, and create dimensions and notes for your drawing.

  • Quick Start for Layouts

    There are two distinct working environments, or “spaces,” in which you can create objects in a drawing.

  • Understand the Layout Process

    When you use a named layout to prepare your drawing for output, you follow a series of steps in a process.

  • Work with Model Space and Paper Space

    There are several benefits to switching between model space and paper space to perform certain tasks. Use model space for creating and editing your model. Use paper space for composing your drawing sheet and defining views.

  • Create and Modify Layout Viewports

    You can create a single layout viewport that fits the entire layout or create multiple layout viewports in the layout. Once you create the viewports, you can change their size, their properties, and also scale and move them as needed.

  • Add Date and Time Stamps to Layouts

    You can track drawing revisions by inserting information that identifies the file name, time and date of the revision, and the name of the person who revised it.

  • Control Views in Layout Viewports

    When you create a layout, you can add layout viewports that act as windows into model space. In each layout viewport, you can control the view that is displayed.

  • Reuse Layouts and Layout Settings

    When you create a layout, you can choose to apply the information from an existing template.