Direct Distance Entry (Command Modifier)

Locates the next point at a specified distance in the direction of your cursor

 Command entry: At a prompt to locate a point, enter a numeric value

With direct distance entry, you can quickly specify a point relative to the last point you entered. At any prompt for a point location, you move the cursor first to specify the direction, and then enter a numeric distance.

In the following example, the second point for the line will be located 5 units toward the direction of the cursor. The direct distance that you enter is measured along the path from the last point to the current location of the cursor. This feature is usually used with Ortho or Snap mode turned on.

Command: line

Specify first point: Specify a point

Specify next point: Move the cursor in the desired direction and enter 5

NoteThe direct distance entry method is not available while you are using temporary override keys for Ortho, object snap tracking, or polar tracking.