Construction Document Workflow

It is recommended that project drawings are created, stored, and managed using the drawing management tools in AutoCAD MEP. When you use Project Navigator to manage drawings, you can efficiently create construction documents that reference the building system drawings.

After you create a project, you can manage drawings from a central location. For more information, see Working with Drawing Management Projects.

A typical workflow for creating documents with AutoCAD MEP is as follows:

Step   View more information
Create a construct
Save your drawing as a construct on the Constructs tab in Project Navigator. See Creating Construction Documents
Create views
Create views for drawings and schedules to be included in sheets. See Views
Create sheets
Create sheet drawings for publishing and plotting. Place view drawings on the appropriate sheets. See Creating a Sheet
Create sheet sets
Create a sheet set that includes a cover sheet with a sheet list. See Ordering Sheets in the Sheet Set
Issue construction documents
Plot or publish the sheet set. You can publish a sheet set directly to Design Web Format (DWF™). See Publishing a Sheet Set to DWF™