Modify Duct Transition - Offset Fittings

Use the DuctFittingModify and DuctSystemResizeCalc commands to modify the duct transition fittings. Modify the offset direction and distance of the duct transition fittings by adjusting their geometric parameters.

The following list describes the geometric parameters.

  • l = length
  • x or l2 = tap length
  • e = horizontal offset
  • f = vertical offset
  • b = rectangular duct width
  • a = rectangular duct height
  • d = oval duct width
  • c = oval duct height
NoteIf the duct transition fitting is not created with DIN Transition- Offset, the offset distance and direction are modified with the eccentricity value.

If you change the size of one duct, the parameters of the duct transition fitting are readjusted and the other duct is moved.

Duct transition fitting is removed when the ducts are resized to be equal.